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Iran Energy Exchange

Iran is a major oil and gas producing country holding the world's largest known reserves of hydrocarbon resources. On the other hand the approach stipulated in Vision 1404 to promote the role of Iran in the region in terms of economic, political, scientific and etc

Iran holds one of the largest energy resources in the world, it will not be an ambitious goal to have one of the world’s largest energy exchanges in our country

Establishment of Energy Exchange would help boost the Iranian energy economy and the country’s whole economy in general.

With the commissioning of this market to buy and sell energy financing for producers, distributors and consumers of energy, daily energy price discovery, risk coverage, financial transparency, facilitate the exchange of energy and reduce the transaction costs of providing energy exchanges will

Actors in the energy exchanges electrical trades include energy-stock company, the Securities and Exchange Organization, Management Company, Central Depository company, brokerage firms, companies, network management, tavanir company, electricity consumers and electricity suppliers.